Healthcare Team


Placeholder ImageUsman Mohammed (m)

Usman started working with the Adelaide and Harris Medical Centre in October 2020 – running clinics for medication reviews and dealing with medication queries from both staff and patients, as he enjoys helping people with all things medication related. When not at work, he enjoys working out, going to the gym, and supporting his favourite football team.

Usmans’ qualifications include a Masters in mpharm from 2018, and additional CPP qualifications ever since, and is capable of speaking English, Urdu and Punjabi.

Placeholder ImageAnthony Lynn (m)

No details currently.

Advanced Nurse Practioner

Placeholder ImageJacqui Baseley (f)

Jacqui started working with the surgeries in November 2020, running clinics dealing with everything from children to adults. With a long career starting in the 1980s when she became a qualified nurse, she has specialised into becoming a nurse practitioner, as well as worked in orthopaedics as a ward manager. She enjoys helping children, and additionally has further education and learning into Alzheimer’s.

She enjoys driving and travelling, and is a great fan of Disney. 

Placeholder ImageJane Keane (f)

No details currently.

Lead Medical Secretary

Placeholder ImageEmma Critchley (f)

To be completed.

Attached Staff

Our patients are also looked after by other members of the primary healthcare team based in the community.

They are:

Health Visitors  – involved mainly with the related healthcare needs of expectant mothers, children, the elderly and physically disabled persons.

Midwives – who ensure the health of our expectant mothers.

Community Matrons – help patients who require a lot of support and provide them with a choice about their care.

District Nurses – who will continue your nursing care in your own home.

Psychiatric Nurses – who will look after the mental health of those patients referred to them by the doctor.