Prescription Changes

By the 19th June our prescribing system will be updated so that all prescriptions will be sent electronically.

If you have a nominated pharmacy:

Nothing will change for you. Your prescriptions will still be sent electronically direct to your nominated pharmacy.

If you don’t have a nominated pharmacy:

Ordinarily with this process you would receive a printed ‘token’ which you can take to any pharmacy in England who are able to scan it to locate your prescription on their system.

Currently we are still trying to reduce the amount of people attending surgery when they don’t have to. Therefore, if you have a mobile number we will text you a code which can be taken to any pharmacy in England to retrieve your prescription.

If we are unable to send you a text message you can also retrieve your prescription by giving a pharmacy your NHS number, which we can remind you of if you don’t have it.

Our admin team have been contacting patients over the last few weeks to ask patients if they would like to nominate a pharmacy prior to this change. If you haven’t nominated a pharmacy and would still like to you can notify us by filling in this form: Having a nominated pharmacy will save time for us and for you.