PCN Staff

PCN Staff

Blackpool Central West Primary Care Network employs several staff who run clinics out of both Adelaide Street and Harris Medical, as well as the other surgeries part of the PCN.

Social Prescriber

Social prescribing helps you to explore extra services that may support you to improve your health, well-being and independence. A social prescriber can tell you about what activities and services are available locally and help you to access them.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Caron

Caron Lydon (f)

Caron started working with Central West Primary Care Network in October 2019. Since then she has been running clinics across all the network practices, and has a keen interest in employment and volunteering. When not at work Caron enjoys snowboarding, films and music.

Qualifications: NVQ Level 4 Advice & Guidance (2007), Community Health Tutor Training (2004), English Studies BA Hons.

Photo of PCN Staff member, JodieJodie Ellams (f)

Jodie started working as a social prescriber for the Central West PCN in November 2020, running clinics across multiple practices. With a degree in criminology, and a history of working as a police officer, she has seen and assisted people at the highs and lows of their lives. She has a keen interest in talking to patients about their experiences, and getting to know them, and has a love for baking and is currently learning to crochet.

Kate Ballout (f)

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Physician Associate

Physician associate is a relatively new role, not to be confused with physician assistant. Physician associates work under the direct supervision of a doctor and carry out many similar tasks, including patient examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Dawn

Dawn Mercer (f)

Dawn Mercer is the Physician Associates working for the PCN and joined us in May 2020.

Dawn studied Applied Psychology and went on to work in Substance Misuse Services and Inpatient Forensic Mental Health Services for 11 years. She then returned to study, and graduated from UClan in 2020 with a PGDip in Physician Associate Studies.

Physician Associates are a relatively new addition to the clinical team and Dawn is happy to answer any questions you might have about the role. She is keen to bring the generalist medical knowledge she obtained during her training together with her previous experience, to provide holistic care to our patients.

When not at work, Dawn enjoys travelling, reading crime novels and spending time with her family and friends.​

Nurse Associate

Nurse associate is a relatively new role, not to be confused with physician assistant.

Sarah Mullen (f)

Sarah has worked in the PCN group since December 2020, originally gaining their experience in acute nursing care in the various wards in a hospital setting. Sarah moved from hospital care to general practice, as she wanted to work more intimately within the community, to help people manage their long term conditions. Specialising in diabetes, heart disease and wound care, she continues to develop and learn more to ensure her ability to help people.

Care Co-ordinator

A care co-ordinator is a trained health professional who helps by consulting with patients and determining their needs, developing care plans, coordinating patient-care services, educating patients about their condition, and working with the care team to evaluate interventions.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Daisy

Daisy Jackson (f)

Daisy Jackson is the Care Co-ordinator for the PCN and joined us in April 2020.

Daisy graduated in 2015 from Lancaster University with BA Hons Professional Practice Health & Social Care. She has an extensive background in the health, social & education sector, ranging from voluntary work at Brian House Children Hospice, coaching sports at a multiple disability sports club, working in rehabilitation and then taking a brief stop-gap from the NHS to work in education.

Daisy says, ‘I am really passionate about working to protect vulnerable patients and helping bridge gaps with health inequalities, but also improving patient outcomes with health promotion and getting patients on board with being active in their care.’

In her spare time you will regularly find Daisy at the gym or in a coffee shop. She is also a qualified makeup artist which she loves to do (if and when she can find the time!)

Chelsea Beatson (f)

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Katie Lee (f)

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Safeguarding Care Co-ordinator

Safeguarding Care Co-Ordinators work closely with General Practicioners and other Primary Care Professionals to identify and support patients, as well as ensure that the appropriate care is made available to them, with an added focus and specialism in safeguarding children and adults.

Policies Care Co-ordinator

A Policy and Procedures Care Co-ordinator proactively works with the management, administration and clinical professionals of the four surgeries within the Central West PCN, ensuring they all work in harmony by bringing together their existing Policies and Procedures to form PCN Policies and Procedures in order to improve the overall care and experience for all patients across the network.

Carolyn Williams (f)

Carolyn joined the Blackpool Central West Primary Care Network team in October 2020 and brings exceptional organisational skills together with over 30 years of administrative experience to fulfil this new and challenging role, complimenting the additional members of the ever growing Central West PCN Team.

In her spare time Carolyn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to the gym and going on holiday.

Flu & Vaccination Care Co-ordinator

The F&VC Coordinator completes administrative needs across all the sites in the PCN, in particular specialising in housebound patients, care home patients, and any other health care professional settings regarding vaccinations.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists, or OTs, work with anyone who may be experiencing physical, psychological and/or social problems, either from birth or as a result of trauma, illness or ageing. An OTs goal is to help patients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Julie

Julie Crompton (f)

Julie Crompton is the Occupational Therapist for the PCN and joined us in June 2020.

Julie graduated from St Martins College Lancaster in 2011, after completing a BSc Hons  Degree in  Occupational Therapy. Since qualifying Julie has worked in a range of hospital and community settings supporting individuals with both mental and physical health needs.

When not at work Julie enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


Physiotherapists help people recover with injuries sustained from surgery, illness, ageing or disability. They guide patients to improve their strength and movement and prevent further problems in future.

They work to diagnose the causes of injury and put together a treatment plan. They also advise on managing long-term conditions.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Larisa

Larisa Houghton (f)

Larisa Houghton is the Physiotherapist for the PCN and joined us in June 2020.

Larisa graduated in Physiotherapy at Huddersfield University, West Yorkshire.  After completing her core professional rotations she gained a wide range of experience in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapy.  She has a particular interest in the area of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Larisa qualified in Mulligan mobilisation and acupuncture and is presently studying for a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.  She is passionate about supporting and promoting active lifestyles, both professionally and personally.

Larisa’s role is to support the GP’s and others in meeting the physiotherapy needs of patients.

Larisa is currently on a sabbatical, and will return back to practice work after some time.

Other languages spoken: Russian


PCN pharmacists assist practice pharmacists in their role, providing supplementary support with medication queries, clinical audits, clinical documents, and additionally with medication reviews.

Photo of PCN Staff member, AneesaAneesa Molvi (f)

Aneesa has worked with the PCN as a PCN Pharmacist since October 2020, after graduating with an mpharm at the University of Manchester in 2017. Having experience with working as a relief pharmacist in Salford between 2016 and 2018, and having worked in a locum pharmacist role in Lancashire, she has experienced working within the community, within hospitals and now has taken to general practice. With interests in furthering her skillsets, she’s looking forward to completing her independent prescribing course, and has interests in calligraphy and painting.

Ana Gomes (f)

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Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians play an important role, complementing clinical pharmacists, community pharmacists and other members of the PCN team. Pharmacy technicians are different to clinical pharmacists as they are not able to prescribe or make clinical decisions, instead working under supervision to ensure effective and efficient use of medicines.

Photo of PCN Staff member, Emma

Emma France (f)

Emma France is a Pharmacy Technician for the PCN and joined us in April 2020.

Emma has worked in community pharmacy for 15 years. In her younger days she worked for A2B Pharmacy on Red bank Road in Bispham and then for the previous 12 years at Whitworth Chemist on Bloomfield Road. Emma really enjoyed her time there but was ready for a change and a new challenge. Emma says, “I have seen many changes over the years and look forward to bringing the experience I gained in Community Pharmacy into Primary Care. I hope to be able to bridge the gap together between the two and look forward to us all working as a team.”

Emma leads a very busy life, with both working full time and owning a horse there is never a dull moment, but she wouldn’t change a thing.

Helena Singleton (f)

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Leanne Armitage (f)

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PCN Manager

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