Patients Helping Patients

Do you have a story to share?

We have recently started an initiative across both practices where we are interested in hearing about a patients personal experiences with their ill health, and what they have done to overcome those issues.

We currently have 2 patients on board and their stories can be read below. We’re hoping that through your personal experiences, others could benefit and maybe find a way to resolve (or at least alleviate) their own health problems.

No story is too small. If you think you have a story to share with us and want to know more, then please speak to Adam, our communications lead, either by giving us a call or popping into Adelaide Street for a chat.


Debra Scott is spreading the news of how after being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 she used diet as a way of controlling her condition. She has been featured in the local newspaper and a national magazine, and after joining our PPG has sought our support to help spread the news locally. She is a true inspiration and she kindly provided an account of her journey.

Debra’s Story

On the 27th February 2019, Debra held her first ‘diabetic group’ at the Empowement charity building on Bispham Road. This was a well attended event, which although kept informal, was very informative.

Photo of patient, Debbie, during one of her patient help meetings



Paul Shanahan had to deal with mental health problems for a number of years until he decided to do something about it. He now runs a charity known as ‘Go Get You’. Paul runs classes in Marton & Bispham under this banner, which aim to improve both the mental and physical well-being of the attendees. He also writes a blog on his website.

Paul’s Story

On 26th June 2019 Paul held a launch event following the receipt of some vital funding for his project from the National Lottery along with special guests Rosie & Adam (BGT). Various people were in attendance including a couple of us from the surgery. 

Photo of patient, Paul, holding a large paper cheque for £9998.00 for the Go Get You Charity.