Central West Primary Care Network

The NHS has put out new and exciting guidance that we will be starting some new ways of working late in the year. All GP surgeries, while remaining independent, will also work with nearby surgeries for some projects. These groups of surgeries will be known as Primary Care Networks and our specific group will be called The Central West Primary Care Network.  

The surgeries represented will be Adelaide Street Practice (including the Harris Medical Centre), St Paul’s Medical Centre, and South King Street Medical Centre. This will then cover a population of around 35000 patients. There has to be a Clinical Director – which is an elected post – for the network. We have decided to have a shared post. This will be a shared role for Dr Cruz Augustine (Adelaide Street) and Dr Leanne Rudnick (St Paul’s). There is also an elected Primary Care Network manager, Luan Stewart (Adelaide Street) has been chosen for that role. 

The first joint project was population health management and further information on this can be found on our population health page.

Further information on primary care networks can be found on the NHS England website; https://www.england.nhs.uk/primary-care/primary-care-networks/

Extended Access

The Central West Primary Care Network offers extended hours appointments across all four of the network surgeries.

We highly recommend, for continuity of care reasons, that whenever possible you see a GP from your own practice. The appointments are pre-bookable only. This is not an emergency drop in service.

The extended hours are offered in each surgery as follows:

Adelaide Street Family Practice

Tuesday evenings 6:30pm-8pm

St Paul’s Medical Centre

Wednesdays 7am-8am and 6:30pm-7:30pm

South King Street Medical Centre

Monday evenings 6:30pm-7pm and Thursdays 7:30am-8am/6:30pm-7pm